Torneria Alberti, mechanical lathing, established in 1964 in Rezzato by Mario Alberti, as an artisan family running company.

Attention to quality, precision achievement and care in the entire production cycle soon valued the business increasing customer and building loyalties till nowadays.

Moving to a bigger headquarter was a necessary step to meet customers’ needs and the machinery renewing allowed to comply with the higher and higher standards on the market.

Firstborn Fabrizio Alberti, joined the family business in year 1988. Growing up in the workshop and thanks to his insight an inclination to production organization, he has been the decisive factor for the new corporate structure

After more than 50 years in mechanical processing, Torneria Alberti has specialized in the manufacturing of high precision mechanical parts successfully answering the challenges of market, grating very high quality standard and competent staff.

To date Fabrizio leadership, which with his years-long experience in precision mechanics continues the search for effectiveness and efficiency and the best solution for customers’ needs, allowing to ensure the best partner for high precision machining proposing new services such as consulting for development and optimizing of production cycles. These new services are addressed both to customers and suppliers with a new co-lab for new patents and licences.